Food processing and packaging machinery going out

Mention of "going out", think of what the world is so big, I'm going to go for a walk? Don't make, "out of to" in people impression in the more deep of cognitive is "out of to" strategy, party of 17 big report clear pointed out that: insisted opening of policy, put introduced to and out of to better to combined up, expanded open field, optimization open structure, improve open quality, perfect both inside and outside linkage, benefit total win, and security efficient of open type economic system, formed economic globalization conditions Xia participation international economic cooperation and competition of new advantage. "Going out" can be simply understood as out of the country, to overseas, broaden the market, create value from Taobao to micro, from mobile to high speed rail, technology innovation at the same time, China also started the world's footsteps. But we always say that going out was not mentioned in the above strategy "go out", but more grounded more in line with the current state of the industry to go out and get out of the business to the market, develop export, going back with equal ease. Food and packaging machinery industry is.