Rise of wet wipes

Wet wipes is a 21st century imported goods to enter China, first emerged in Europe, now in Europe and the market is relatively mature. Traditional wet towel is made of a nonwoven material, add, a certain proportion of disinfectant OR pure water, special serum, curing liquid production of disposable sanitary paper. In the domestic market, wet tissue penetration is relatively low overall, relatively high prevalence of baby wipes, more and more mothers have learned to buy and use baby wipes, baby products, wet wipes are called diaper partner, is changing the baby's diapers necessities. Wet wipes for personal care are increasingly favored by young people, such as cleaning wipes, moisturizing skin rejuvenation wipes, the handbag of many white-collar workers will be placed in a packet of wet wipes. While table clean wipe the wet markets are slowly rising, from surface cleaning wipes for the different functional areas of the subdivision, such as conservation of leather and mahogany furniture conservation, glass cleaning, its products are slowly improving, with the improvement of the national economy, wet towel will be further development of the market.