Towel tips

Select brand. When buying tissue paper, the preferred large, famous-brand products. Second look at packaging and appearance, skin soft, clean, on the product packaging shall indicate manufacturer name, address, telephone number, the implementation of product standards, health standards, production date, expiry date or shelf-life, product quality and so on, should also mark products specifications and quantities. Appearance. Nice tissue paper for general use two-tier or three-tier, uniform wrinkles, fine paper and clean, no holes. 100% choose the best Virgin wood pulp products, primary wood pulp paper is good, fine wrinkles, feel good to the touch, not powder, hair strength, wet strength, and health indicators are also guaranteed. Color: tissue paper is not as white as well, good products should be a natural ivory white, whiteness provides national standards for tissue paper for 80%~90%, exceed the ceiling value does not meet the requirements, and white tissue paper, often adding fluorescent brighteners, and fluorescent whitening agents are harmful to the human body. At the date. Tissue paper also has a shelf life, generally for a period of 3 years, expired or took too long to place tissue paper will again breed bacteria. So when you purchase the best buy's products in the near future, ad-buying, don't place too long.