Wet market

Chinese wet market a great cake, but the current market share is very low. Business flowing into gold is difficult to obtain in a short time, if there is a long-term plan, from the beginning of the market is bound to have a solid chance. We can also say that the market. In Europe, North America, South America and other wet markets mature countries, wipes per capita consumption and per capita GDP is proportional to, but this rule does not exist in China. Economically developed areas, such as East China, South China's gross domestic product is high, but the humidity is low. In contrast, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Henan, the Yellow River basin and other relatively backward western regions, Shandong and northwest region of the share of wipes higher. Seems to be nonsense, in fact, there are rules to follow, there are internal and external factors. Internal wet wipes in the northeast, north, northwest, southwest region of the "north and south" areas of higher concentration, the climate characteristics of these areas are obvious, especially often with the sand, east and south of the "three North" provinces the most humid climate.