Wet Wipe Types

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Wet Wipe Type

Wet wipes, or wet tissue , are small moistened spunlace that can be used to clean the hands, refresh the face, or commonly to clean up the baby when changing the diaper.  Then how many types of wet wipe ?  

From customer aspects, usually wet wipes are divided to following types . Clean type : the most versatile, easy to carry and convenient to use. cleaning are available at any time. Sometimes cleaning wipes is specifically added to low concentration of sterilization ingredients, focusing on hand clean. Cleansing type: there are cleaning ingredient and moisturizing ingredients, can remove the makeup residue, add moisture to avoid dry lines appear on the face. Baby type: with aloe, glycerin and other ingredients, mild nature. Family type: the cheapest price for the cleanliness of the demanding family. 

While if divided by wet wipe machine manufacturer, it usually has following types. Single wet wipe type: usually refer 1sheet/bag wet wipe. It usually use for airline wet wipe, restaurant wipe, cleaning wipe etc. Which is produced by single wet wipe machine.  Pocket wet wipe type: small pack wet wipe, usually refer 5-30sheets/bag, it usually refers to the Make-up remover wipes, lady wipes, baby mouth and hand wipe etc. Which is produced by pocket wet wipe machine. Big pack wet wipe type: usually refer 30-120sheets/bag. It usually refers to baby wipe, adult wipe, kitchen wipes etc. The package with plastic lid wet wipe, usually produced by wet wipe making machine and packing machine with plastic lid applicator machine. While wet wipe package without plastic lid , it just produced by wet wipe making machine and wet wipe packing machine.  

Actually, from wet wipe functions, ingredients etc. Wet wipe also can be divide into many types.