With wet tissue paper to pay attention to four points

Qualified wipes are soft, elegant taste, texture, white, not raising after use. Internal products should contain water, not dry; inferior wipes tend to have a peculiar smell, use raising phenomenon is apparent in the process, and some even had put on mold, skin irritation, itching, painful feeling. Second, wet tissue packing shall be marked on the product name, manufacturer name, address, health permit number. Product labels (including instructions) and advertisements must be true, may not appear, or suggest that the effects of disease. Third, should pay attention to the production date and expiration date or production lot and restrictions on the use of dates. Be sure not to purchase or use is out of the valid period or does not identify a valid term of wipes. Four-note that verifying the product's external packaging is intact, do not buy and use damaged packaging product to prevent secondary pollution.