Characteristics Of The Non-woven Fabric Machines

1. the use of ultrasonic welding, needle-free, save the trouble of frequently changed needles, no traditional suture line connector, clean textiles can also be localized shear and seal. Sewing also plays a decorative role, cemented strong attainable effect, embossing clear, more dimensional embossed on the surface, work well more high-end appearance; quality assurance. 2. use ultrasonic and special steel wheel manufacturing, sealing the edges do not crack, not to hurt the fabric edges, and there are no edges, hem. 3. when preheating, and continuous operation. 4. simple, traditional sewing machine operation method and there is not much difference between ordinary sewing workers can operate. 5. low cost, to 5 to 6 times times faster than conventional machines, the efficiency is high.