Sources Of Non-woven Fabric Bag Making Machine Technology

Ultrasonic bonding technology for non-woven fabric bag making machine. Ultrasonic technology in the textile industry from first used in mattresses and mattress covers, now has a large non-woven fabric industry. Mechanical vibration of ultrasonic energy is energy, frequency 18000Hz, outside the range of human hearing, further reading: non-woven fabric bag making machine, circular loom, four columns hydraulic presses, rotogravure, slot machine, cooler has an extensive choice of wavelength range. When applied to the bonding of thermoplastic materials, such as non-woven fabric adhesive, commonly used frequencies are 20000HZ. Automatic non-woven fabric bag making machine in contrast to traditional cable stitch needle type and ultrasonic bonding, needle-free, eliminating the change process, no traditional suture line connector, the non-woven fabrics can also be neat shear and seal. Work fast, sealing the edges do not crack, not to hurt the fabric edges, and there are no edges, hem. Meanwhile, fiber degradation caused by ultrasonic bonding avoids thermal bonding, adhesive layer influence the porosity of the material, and receive the liquid delamination caused by impact of the problem.