DCL-50 Japan OMRON Robot Lid/cup Applicator Machine

Product Details

DCL-50 Full-auto (Robot )Plastic Lid Applicator Machine

1. Machine Details

2. Main Parameter

1.Product Type: DELTA Robot

2.Speed: 50-60packs/min

3.Positional Deviation : within ±1mm

4.Size of machine(mm): 2696*2534*2316(L*W*H)

3. Main Feature

1.Design science, the structure is flexible and lighter.

2.Easy to operate, convenient to assemble and maintenance.

3.Cast iron base, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber mechanical arm.

4.Automatic transmission system.

5.Human-computer interface.

6.Integrated on the platform of OMRON SYSMAC fastest scraping system.

7.A controller can control 8 robots and other equipment on the production line.

8.Main part: OMRON imported from Japan  

Machine Video

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