DCW-4800 Hi-speed Wet Towel Machine Siemens Servo Control 30-120pcs Baby Wet Wipe Folding Machinery Company

Product Details

DCW-4800-(20-104) Full-auto high-speed wet tissue folding machine(30-120pcs/pack)

 1.  Machine Picture

2. Machine Detail:

3. Complete Set Production Process Flow :                                 

12 rolls raw materials unrolling → folding→wetting→cutting→stacking→counting→feeding→packing→auto labeling→auto plastic lid application-finished products. 

4 Finish products 

5. Machine Video

6. Main Technical Parameter

1.Production speed: 180-240cuts/min

2.Material: spunlace, thermobond

3.Material rolls dimension (mm): 1200×(180-220) (Φx W) 

4.GSM: 40-80g/m2 

5.Unfolded size(mm): (120-250)x(150-250) (LXW)

6.Folded size(mm): (120-250)x(90-120) (LXW)

7.Roller: 20-104 rolls

8.Folding way: Pop up or Non pop up

6. Main Features

1. Summarize

The machine installed by building block configuration. It could add or reduce the roll material rack.

2. Stacker

With one stacking cam drive by servo motor

3. Cycle stacking belt

This part is made of good quality stainless stell. The width of the guiding pole could be adjusted in the operation. Stainless belt instead of the previous rubber one.stacking belt adopted the servomotor control, the counting stacks number and the decline distance could be adjusted in the operation.

4. Transport after stacking.

This part is made of good quality stainless. The width between two belts could be adjusted in the operation, he display show the data. Servomotor tracking stacking driver.

5. Cutting

This part is made of good quality stainless、20CrMnTi, NO.45 steel。It also was equiped with gas-liquid transform system.

Parent material reel shaft.

6. Frame

Rubber roller was being tracking by servomotor;Frist level conveyor belt would be droved by big power,The last belt would be tracked by high-power motor and coder .The rack lift by cylinder.

7. Relay transfer

It is for the fabric tension control and the stability of the convey by servomotor.

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